Pulp bale dewiring machines and systems

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Steel wire dewiring machines for pulp, BCTMP and recycled fiber bales


We operate in Lahti, serving paper and board mills in Finland and, if necessary, in other countries. Our customers include StoraEnso, UPM, MetsäBoard, Sappi and Metsä-Tissue.

Maintenance, spare parts and training services


Our service offering includes training for factory personnel, maintenance and spare parts services, and modernizations of previously delivered machines. Our expert installers and engineers keep our customers’ steel wire dewiring machines in good condition and their malfunctions to a minimum.




Cutmaster dewiring machines


Cutmaster FP

Automatic steel wire dewiring machine for Finnish domestic type 1000 kg pulp bales. The machine is also applicable to approx. 600…1000 kg BCTMP bales.

Other products for bale dewiring and handling at mills


Steel wire cutter LV200B

Steel wire cutter LV200B with its own stand for cutting manually fed bale steel wires. The machine cuts three (3) individual steel wires folded in the middle. Steel wire diameter max. 3 mm.


Wire cutter LL030

For cutting manually fed steel wires. For handling about 10-15 wire bundles of steel wires at a time.


Bale positioning and bale shaping maching


Turntables, destackers, conveyors and conveyor systems

Delivery in co-operation with our partners.


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